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Sunday Jul 5, 2015 Tom is publishing a couple of new books with Booktrope, a co-operative publisher where the author, editor, proofreader, cover designer, and book manager all split the profits. The book manager is responsible for promoting the book, which will be a new experience for us! The first book is a YA novel, COME SIT BY ME. It will be published sometime in July.

Monday Oct 5, 2009 Tom’s brand-new novel, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WITCH FOR, is now available online. Olivia, the heroine, comes to New York City to stay with her aunt for a year. She falls for a boy at her new school, but he’s desperately in love with–Wolverine, the comic book character. Not to worry, because Olivia’s aunt is a witch, and Olivia learns how to cast a spell over the boy of her dreams. Problem solved? What if he won’t leave her alone? Read 100 pages free on either scribd.com or smashwords.com. If you have a Kindle or other electronic book reader, use smashwords. If you just want to print out the book for yourself, use scribd. (Now lulu.com has it too!) Give it a try, for free!

Monday Jul 27, 2009 We just put a revised edition of one of our books online. It’s a thriller for young readers titled DR. CHILL’S PROJECT. You can read a sample, and buy the whole book for only $2.00, at scribd.com. See the “news” section of our webpage for further details.

Tuesday Jun 16, 2009 A couple of big-time authors have read our next book, THE CRIMES OF PARIS, and said nice things about it.
Michael Connelly, who has written many best-selling mysteries, wrote, “Part fast-paced thriller and part social history, THE CRIMES OF PARIS is a book you can’t put down. I found this book to be irresistibly engrossing.”
And Cara Black, who has written many great mysteries set in Paris and other French locales, wrote, “Set in the early 20th century against the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, THE CRIMES OF PARIS takes an evocative look at the darker side of the City of Light. An engrossing tale of a city vibrant with artists–even a young Picasso was involved in the theft–poets, anarchists, aristocrats and street thieves, belle epoque scandals and the pioneers of crime detection. Delectable, compelling, and intriguing.”
If this makes you want to read the book, you can reserve a copy online. It’s due out in late March. Great summer reading!

Monday Jan 5, 2009 Our publisher has moved up the pub date for our next book for adults, THE CRIMES OF PARIS. It will be in bookstores at the end of March. Inspired by the theft of the “Mona Lisa” from the Louvre in 1911, we began researching to find out one of the suspects was the struggling young artist Pablo Picasso. Then we discovered that there were many fascinating crimes in France in the era just before World War I. Did you know that a gang of anarchist bank robbers were the first to use an automobile (stolen, naturally) as a getaway car? Ever hear of Joseph Vacher, a serial killer who was more deadly than Jack the Ripper? Want to hear how a cabinet minister’s wife walked into the office of a newspaper editor who had criticized her husband, shot him four times (with deadly effect) and then pleaded that “There is no justice in France–there is only the revolver.” All these and more in THE CRIMES OF PARIS.

Thursday Nov 27, 2008 We have just publishjed another book in the Samurai Detective series. This one is titled SEVEN PATHS TO DEATH. Seikei and Judge Ooka, while on a visit to a northern province, are called to examine a badly wounded man found in a rice paddy. The Judge’s curiosity is piqued by an unusual tattoo on the man’s back. It appears to be part of a map. Tracing the origin of the tattoo, and finding the rest of the map will test Seikei’s powers to the limit and take him on one of the strangest of his journeys. Also looking for the map is Kitsune, the mysterious ninja that Seikei defeated in an earlier book, “In Darkness, Death.” That time, however, Seikei had an enchanted stone, a gofu, to help. This time he has only his courage, his wits, and his honor. We hope you will like it. We think it’s one of our best. It will also be the last in the Seikei series, unfortunately, because the publisher doesn’t want any more. However, we are presenting new ideas to other publishers and we’ll keep you posted about what we’re going to write next!


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  1. Alas, Booktrope wasn’t as strong a publisher as we hoped, and went out of business. The cover designer for the two books we published there agreed to let me use her design for a new edition of the books on Create Space. Give them a try! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WITCH FOR is both spooky and funny.

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