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  1. I love the Samurai Detective series. The first one I read was “A Samurai Never Fears Death”. It was great! I have
    always had an interest in samurais and mysteries are my “cup of tea”.. hahaha..
    I’ve tried reading them all in order, but my library doesn’t have them all, so I’ve started collecting them.
    I hope to own them all someday. Keep writing such great stories…

    • Thanks, Amber! Have you tried telling your librarian how much you like the books, and asking if the library can order the other ones in the series? The first one is “The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn,” and there are six more. We’re planning to write another.
      Dorothy and Tom

  2. You’re welcome!
    I have requested them through their website, but it’s been years since they have sent out a request I put in….
    They probably don’t have the money for it, who knows. But I know I’ll get to read them all eventually.

  3. I have read all of your Samurai Detective Series and am in love with it. I have always wondered if there’s going to be any more books in the series that I love so much!

  4. Megan,
    Sorry we’re so late in replying to you. This website doesn’t work as well as we hoped. Anyway, we’re open to the idea of writing another book in the series, especially because we know there are people like you who have read all seven and aren’t bored with them yet. We are thinking about a new topic, and the first place we post the good news will be right here.
    Dorothy and Tom

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